Friday, March 11, 2011

We've Got Talent.... Yes We Do... We've Got Talent ...How 'Bout You?

So it's that time of year again...the annual school talent show (otherwise called the "Hootenanny" at our school) and this year I'm doing the sane thing and opting out of doing it.  In all fairness I did ask my daughter twice if she wanted to do it and she said "No".  I secretly jumped up and down, but on the outside I just smiled and said "Ok sweetie" and then politely turned down requests for me to choreograph a dance this year.   Last year ( I don't know what possessed me to do it?) I put together a routine for five, 7-8 year old girls.  It was  Super Trouper from Mama Mia and IMO it was great but I will readily admit it was over the top.  Yes, I succumbed to the perfectionism and outrageously overdone hype that is rampant in my hood.  We had disco lights flashing, band lights and get this a fog machine.  I'm ashamed to admit that I was "one of those parents", but at least I'm confessing my sins right?!!  We fit right in with the rest of the show stoppers.  The girls had fun and I enjoyed seeing their accomplishment and smiles when they got up on stage and actually did it (they were so nervous.. even with me in the wings wildly gesturing and dancing all the moves!). The talent show was entertaining as it always proves to be but the act that stood out the most for me and my friends, the one that taught us a lesson and showed what an elementary school talent show should be about... was the little second grader, sans costume, gimmicks,  props, etc. marching back and forth the stage belting out "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt".  Ohhhh how we loved her and the beautiful, simplicity of her performance.  Bravo for teaching us what talent is all about!
P.S.  Don't ya know that little bugger of mine came home from school yesterday and asked if she could be in her Brownie troops' talent show act (the group I turned down when they asked me to help coordinate it!).  Sorry my Super Trouper.. but the answer is a resounding "NO".

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