Wednesday, March 16, 2011


OK.. first off, I do not have a pet named Peeve although I think that would be a funny name for a pet.  Can you imagine calling him/her to come... "Here' Peeve.. Here' Peeve.   Get over here this instant Peeve!  Aww, good girl Peeve".  I can already predict what the neighbors' pet peeve would be!

No, I'm referring to those annoyingly bothersome habits that others do to just drive you up a wall.  I had a few as a kid.  Chomping food (my brother was a master at this and did it just to annoy me.. especially with his gum!), chalk (still can't stand it), and did I mention chomping food!!  Well that was about it back then, but I do believe that my number of pet peeves increases exponentially with age because I have tons of them now.

I began my day with a big offender (the number of clothes..mainly p.j.s being dumped in the basket daily.  I swear I empty the thing daily and whammo it's full again.  Is it possible the clothes are mating in there and the offspring are taking over?  Could folks fathom wearing something more than once if it's still clean?).  So that got me thinking about some of my other pet peeves.  Here are just a few of them.  "These are a few of my least favorite things".

1.  Things that beep at you as a reminder.  The microwave, the dryer, etc.  YES.. I did select that I wanted to be informed when my clothes are done, the food is done, I have a message in the inbox... but it is so annoying and demanding.  The thing is they always beep at the most inopportune times  (ahem.. like when I'm in the bathroom!).  It's bad enough that I have kids calling out "MOM", knocking on doors or worse busting in on you (another pet peeve!), and demanding something/anything/everything from you NOW.  Do I need a machine demanding me to "Hurry up and now!"?

2. Recycling left out on the counter.  Hmmmm... we have a recycling bin!  The idea is that you put the recycling IN it.  *Furthermore,  if said bin is full (and the trash bins), it needs to be taken OUT.  Not, let's see how much stuff we can cram into it before someone else notices and does something about it (ME!).

3. Spam mail.  Why???  Do I really need ...

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4. Anything/Anyone waking me up from sleep.  Enough said!

5. Fidgeting while watching t.v./movie.  OMG.. what is it with kids and the bouncing, headstands, somersaults, touching, poking, punching, up, down, up down while watching a show?  This has me perplexed because I am the model of good t.v. watching behavior.  I am still and silent and trying, trying, trying to enjoy a good show!

6.  This goes along with #5.  Commentary while I'm trying to watch a show.  Number one offender... hubby.  Oh sure the kids talk, ask questions, give their opinions on anything A-Z that have nothing to do with the show.. but the hubby makes comments about my shows, the plot or lack of one, and the actors/actresses.  Can you imagine if I made remarks during the ball game..."What's he wearing that for?  Didn't his mother teach him not to spit?  What's with all the butt slapping?  What's that lame dance?  I can dance better than that!"

7. Butting in line  (I just love that phrase.  "HE/SHE BUTTED!!!"  It just cracks me up {no pun intended}!)
IMO it's just rude and annoying.  The only way it's acceptable is in an emergency and I'm talking someone is about to have a baby, or has to GO (you know what I mean!) really badly, or there is blood/trauma/injury involved.  Otherwise, WAIT YOUR TURN like the rest of us.  What!!! Are you entitled?  I think not!

8. When the kids hang on you, touch, poke, lean, fall on, bump into you and especially when it's hot.  I call it "Pawing" and it drives me batty.  This behavior is akin to fidgeting and escalates when they are tired or bored, or worse when they are about to yak on you .  That's when you have that "AHA" moment.. "That's what little Johnny was trying to tell me.  He wanted to barf so he was hanging on me!"

I could go on and on but this may be your pet peeve so I'll stop here.  In summation:



  1. wow. I think all 8 of the pet peeves I share with you. Well except for the part about the husband. How about young men that wear pants down to the ankles. Have they heard of belts?
    I feel your frustration. Happy St. Patrick's day!

  2. I'm right there with you on the food chomping and #5. Marissa can not sit still for a moment when she is watching TV. What's with the handstands?! I swear she does 50 of them while watching a show. She'll beg and beg to watch something then can't sit still enough to even watch. Love the blog!

  3. Yes Tim.. I agree what's with the pants down to the ankles? Add that to my list. I really don't care to see people's hineys!
    Annemarie.. thanks I'm glad you like my blog:) Your daughter sounds like my kids. At least we know that they are great acrobats, right?!!LOL