Monday, March 14, 2011

Dental Wet Bar for Mama's!

Going to the dentist with kids is hell, pure hell!   And I mean pure hell for the Mama's!  I had to take both kids today for their dental cleanings and it was tantamount to torture.  First off, they were an hour behind in their appointments (no surprises there).  I stopped counting how many times my kids bemoaned "when is it going to be our turn?" as if I knew, but ask away they did and repeatedly.  If I had only known how bad it would be in the hygienists' room, I would have gladly stayed in the waiting room forever.  OMG, the crying, the panic, the eyes wide as saucers and the white knuckled grips.  Oh and did I forget to mention the snot?  Always fun when mouths are pried open and the only breathing mechanism for them are their clogged up noses.  My daughter started crying when she saw her brother crying and carrying on (*** note to self... leave the highly empathetic kid in the waiting room next time!).  Then when it was her turn she wouldn't get in the chair.  I had to physically place her there against her will.  You know the saying.. "You can lead a horse to water.. but can't make him/her drink?"... we'll I couldn't even lead the horse to water.  Maybe that's because this horse was a mule and was stubborn as all get out!  I have the feeling the whole office heard my kids and wondered if they were having their arms and legs ripped from their bodies.  They sure acted like it.  Well we (I)... made it through the ordeal and am proud to say that I remained as composed as possible, however, I have one simple request...instead of sticker baskets or lollipops for kids... how about a much needed wet bar for the Mama's?  The kids get over things quickly.........but as for myself, I'm still traumatized by the whole ordeal.  Good thing, I have 6 months to recover!


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