Thursday, March 3, 2011

And they're off......!!!

Wow.  Who knew I would inspire two of my friends to start blogging by simply sharing my efforts with them.  We are all new to this blogospere world and I have to tell you their blogs are amazing.  Check out Psychedelic Waterfall and If You Give A B**ch  A Blog.  I feel so lucky to know such talented women.  You go girls!!!!

Well, back to where I left off last night when I nearly burned the lasagna.  My blog name..Momma's Gotta Go.  Hmmm.  It does sound a bit like I have to run to the loo, or skip to my loo if I'm really happy.  You know what though... I do have to go lots now that I've had kids.  I have the ADHD of all bladders.  When I had babies I thought I'd be hip deep in diapers but they didn't tell me that I better start thinking about something absorbent for myself.  Jump=pee, cough=pee, laugh=pee, car rides=many stops for me.. not the kids.  You get the picture and it's not pretty!  Alas, that's not the reason for my blog name.  I picked it because I'm always on the go or if not I want to be.  I love to travel (who doesn't?!) and want to go places, see new things, meet new people.  Escape reality.. ... hell ya! (who doesn't?!).  Plus I rarely sit still.. up, down, here, there.  Just ask my shadow, my dog, who follows me every time I move in the house.  It's like she has radar on me... beep, beep, Mom's moving..better get up and follow her...ohhh here's she goes again.. on the move...pant, pant... can't she ever sit still.  Sorry Lily, my pal.. nope I've got to get stuff done.  Check off my to do list which always grows bigger even as I check things off.  That reminds me of a riddle I recently heard... and if you can figure it out then you are the WINNER (of what I don't know but I'll think of something good and it may involve chocolate!)....."What grows bigger the more you take from it?" 

Well, this Mama's gotta go... kids will be home from school soon and I'm not ready for the chatter, moods, requests, complaints, and the papers... god the papers, the papers.  Please schools stop destroying the rain forest.. save the trees...must we waste so much paper?  And I have 2 kids at school, do I need every flyer x 2 or can just one suffice?   Oh well.. I better go enjoy my clean kitchen table free of clutter for these last 30 minutes.  And dear Mike.... yes, I do clean the house everyday  and it stays clean until exactly 4:32 when the kids arrive home and destroy every shred of my work.  Maybe I should take before and after pictures daily?  LOL....ooops no LOL... LOL=pee:(

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Anne! If nothing else we will be faithful readers of each other's blogs! Love the blog name, it suits you! Your readers can find me at
    notthemomma is my email and user name...