Friday, March 4, 2011


T.G.I.F.M.A.  (Thank God it's Friday My A**!).  I'm sorry but I don't look forward to Friday the way I once did (back when I was partying and Friday night was lots of fun!)  Nowadays it's more like O.S.I.F.  (Oh sh*t ! It's Friday!).  Let's see...... could it be the kids home all weekend and all the ensuing activities.  Tonight it's tennis 6-7:30, followed by an early morning Scouting for Food, 9am, with the cub scouts, then tennis again in the afternoon and tennis on Sunday.  Add in the household chores/projects to somehow fit in....hopefully we can paint the hallway this weekend, cleaning up the yard would be nice, and someday soon I need to dust... yup, I actually wrote "Anne was here" and "Wash me!" on my furniture today!!!  Classy huh?  That's just not going to cut it in good ol' Severna Perfect!   So instead of T.G.I.F.,  I'm all for T.G.I.M. (Thank God it's Monday!).  Come on Mom's you know what I mean.  Need I say more?!  Well, T.M.G.G. (This Mama's Gotta Go)  G.S.W.D. (Get Some Work Done)  B.K.A.H.F.S. (Before Kids Are Home From School).  Anne


  1. Awesome! Love the acronyms!
    Shoulda settled in the Burnie (just a few minutes north)where dirt is acceptable. Dusty furniture is a sign of a life well lived! Hug a kid, dust when they move out.

  2. Hey Shari.. I know, I know I should have moved to the Burnie. Came here for the schools but didn't realize the demand for perfectionism here.. hence my naming the hood.. Severna Perfect..can we say Stepford Wives!

  3. I hear ya! We picked house not really thinking a child was in our duture. Sent X to Woods CDC in the 'Perfect' so understand completely. He is @ Monarch Academy which is right across the street and has a nice diverse make-up of Burnie and SP and beyond...