Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rub-a-dub-dub... too many toys in the tub!

So I'm in the shower today thinking that I'm so tired of toys in the tub... always  Littlest Pet Shop critters, deep sea divers, boats, Lego's, dolls, etc.  Yes, I want a refreshing shower to wake myself up but sorry a sharp Lego piece wedged between my toes wasn't what I had in mind.  How is Calgon supposed to take me away?  I guess in the Playmobile police boat with LPS animals as my companions?  Again not what I had in mind.  My husband is always trying to get me to take a bath (hmmm, I wonder why?!), and I'm like "Who are you kiddin' pal?!!  In that heap of toys.. ughhh no way!".  The scary thing is as much as I would wish the toys away... I know that I'll miss them someday and all they represent.  Childhood in all it's glory.  The pretend world of play.  My daughter can (and sometimes will!) spend an hour in the tub and I love eavesdropping on her pretend scenarios/play with her tub toys.  I will miss that so much someday.  So what's the hurry.. I can put up with a few toys.  Calgon can take me away some other day, just don't take away my kids imaginative play!  Oh and one final note,  an even scarier thing... my husband doesn't seem to mind the naked Barbies in the tub!!!! (hmmm.. maybe he should try to get them to take a bath!! )LOL.


  1. Cute title! So true, the whole hurry up and grow up, no please don't drama. I think toys in the bathtub were exactly what was missing in my life before I had X, just took a while to figure that out.

  2. I remember having toys in the tub as a kid. I loved it. I just don't remember when I stopped? Guess my Mom just threw them away... or did I grow up?!!! Oh no, not that! No I haven't grown up.. maybe that's why I cherish all things kid (Santa Claus, Easter bunny, Leprechaun, toothfairy...).

  3. Me too. And I will never be too old for naked barbies in the shower! ;)