Saturday, March 5, 2011

Diarrhea At Disney!

I know, I know .. what a disgusting title.  Sorry! Got kids... got potty mouth!  I'm having a bad, bad memory of a trip years ago. Why this memory now?  Well I'll tell you.  Kids in the hood are sick.  As far as I know it's fevers and barfing (ughh).  Now we all know that when we are in the midst of it ourselves it's the worst ever and we Mama's go kind of commando.  "How'd you get this?  Who gave it to you?  Didn't you wash your hands 50 million times like I told you?!!!  and "WHY ME?".  You vent that little Miss Sally Sunshine's kids never get sick and you sorta wish they would.  Trust me.. I've been there.  I've traversed that battlefield and somehow made it out alive.  And maybe I'm somebody's Miss Sally Sunshine but I hate to burst your bubble... we've had it.. we've had it all... including diarrhea at Disney and puke on presents (Christmas morn!).  It's Murphy Law and no matter what drastic measures you take to keep the nasty sicko bugs away, they creep up on you at the worst possible moments (Birthdays, vacations, Holidays and so on...).   If you find yourself in the depths of poo poo and you don't know what to do...remember it could be worse.  Diarrhea at Disney ruins a Dumbo ride and the Princesses frown at poo on their gown. 
Well this Mama's Gotta Go....duty calls  (NOOOO, get your head out of the toilet!... I've got chores to do!)  Anne


  1. Wow, paying homage to your your blog title once again. I had no idea how much going you would be talking "going" here. ;) Happy to think I have likely never been anyone's Miss Sally Sunshine. My fave/worst inconvenient belly story (and believe me, there have been many with a child who suffers from food allergies w/gastrointestinal symptoms) takes place a few years ago. My parents were cleaning out their basement and wanted me to go through my belongings. Cyn and I went through everything making a pile for trash, a pile for donations and one small crate of things I absolutely could not part with (my original catcher in the rye copy, all of my poetry, pictures from college, etc.) As we finished, X came down to check it all out and proceeded to vomit directly into the crate of selected keepsakes. I decided it was sign and threw the whole box in the trash. :(

  2. Oh no!
    Im a new follower from MBC!