Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Girl Who Cried Wolf!

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Please accept my sincere apologies for awaking you at 5am this morning to warn you of an impending tornado.  You know who you are because you are wandering around today tired, cranky and pissed off at the crazy weather fanatic (ME) who awoke you from a deep sleep.  Believe me.. the sound of my sweet (yet panicked) voice was much better than the BEEP, BEEP, BEEP that emanated from my trusty all weather alert radio.  I am so sorry that there wasn't an actual tornado.  Now wait a minute.. that doesn't quite sound right!  I'm really glad there wasn't a real tornado and you are all safe.   I'm really sorry that you a.)  think I'm a nutcase, b.) think I'm a freak about tornadoes (that I am!), c.) will never believe me again (yes I've done this before!), or d.) all of the above.    I know that some of you have voiced your concern at such an early call believing it to be a.) our school system calling with the automated voice cancelling school (never good!), b.) a death in the family (really not good!), c.)some strange woman calling for your husband (well yes I'm strange!) or d.) all of the above.  You may doubt that there was even a tornado warning at all (yup... I just love pulling that prank.. calling people in the wee hours of the morning.. and yelling tornado!).  I have proof and back up from Channel 2's awesome weatherman, Justin Berk and am prepared to wield it in my defense.  So in conclusion,  I apologize for being the girl who cried wolf, but I will cry it again and again to keep my sheep safe ( yup, you are the sheep here!).  Hey, look on the bright side.. at least you weren't awakened at 2 am for a frost warning  (been there, husband nearly killed me, can laugh about it now!).  So until the next round of severe weather, sleep soundly, dream deeply, rest peacefully knowing that I will alert you.  BEEP, BEEP!
Sincerely, your neurotic but loving friend... Anne


  1. I consider myself more of a billygoat than a sheep.... but I get the picture.
    Appreciate the warning - especially since I was unfortunately awake and getting ready for work anyhow. But I did make a mad dash to the phone, and in record time, so as not to wake the kids. Either I am naive, numb, or was still half asleep because your frantic voice barely registered with me. Thus my monotone "OK, Anne. Got it. Thanks" reply. And the kids slept on.

  2. Totally love it. Besides, if you don't look out for them, who will! I hate tornadoes. Probably why I live where they are not! (knock on wood).

  3. Well shoot - while I would be thankful if you called me - I probably would have greeted you with a series of grunts. LOL