Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy "Holy Hell Batman" Birthday To Me!

Deja vu!  A year ago today on my Birthday, I was hiking out of the Grand Canyon with my family and wrote an article to tell the tale of our adventure  What I remember vividly was the extreme heat and here we are a year later but in Maryland and the temperatures are nearing 115 with the heat index.  ACKKK... now this is hot but I really shouldn't complain because the temperature at the bottom of the Canyon in the sun topped 140 degrees.  Don't let anyone fool you by saying it's a DRY heat... as if that makes a difference... HOT is HOT no matter how you slice it (or sweat in it!).  What can I say... I must be one HOT Mama that the heat follows me around on my Birthday.  Next year I think I'm going to escape to Alaska but for now it's A/C full on and an icy, cold, refreshing Mike's Hard Lemonade.  Some crab crackin' and ice cream cake are also in order!



  1. Happy Birthday, friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great one!!

  2. no, go to Hawaii next year, 80 and breezy right now = perfection AND Aloha! Wow, I cannot even imagine 140~