Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rockin The Boat Bump!

Finally joining in  on the Rockin The Bump fun.  I was Rockin The Bump aboard our sailboat for both of my kids.  I spent two pregnancies living aboard our boat.  Andrew was 2 1/2  when we moved off and Claire was 2 months old.  I have so many great memories of living aboard with my babies.  Who needs a cradle to rock them to sleep when you have the gentle rocking of the boat and the soft whisper of waves against the hull.  It was a peaceful time, all of us cradled in love and closeness together.  Enjoy!

Pregnant with my son Andrew, born May 26, 2000.

Pregnant with my daughter Claire, born August 4, 2002

About 5 months pregnant living aboard Argo Navis in beautiful Charleston, S.C.


  1. You lived on a boat? How cool! That seems like it would be so peaceful!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Wow. That is awesome. I would have been scared to death a little one would fall overboard. That is really cool and I do bet they slept good:)

  3. You had a beautiful baby belly with both of your children! :-)

    Living on a boat does sound really cool!

  4. so did you birth the babies on the boat with just your hubs too? wow...what a tough chick...
    and your bump was super cute!

  5. Wow, I would have thought it would have been so hard having babies on a boat. That's awesome that you loved it!

  6. That's so awesome that you lived on a boat! Did that make you more or less nauseous? J/K!

    Thank you for your kind words yesterday on my blog. It means a lot to me.

  7. You have beautiful bumps, Anne!