Monday, May 16, 2011

All Night Long (Not What You Think!)

A song is playing in my head.  It will date me folks but sorry it's Lionel Ritchie's "All Night Long" (enjoy the video and a great laugh..check out the moves and outfits.. classic~!) This should be the theme music for a Mom's life.  And I'm not talking about a fun night of romance.  Nope just the usual kid stuff keeping us up all the time.  Last night it was my daughter getting sick all over.  Then the dog was up at 3am begging to go out.  Funny but somehow I've got a snoring husband next to me. 

I'm having flashbacks to long nights of nursing babies, crying babies, crying kids, sick kids, scared kids, crawl into your bed kids, or sleep next to you on the floor kids.  Somehow the notion of "All Night Long" takes on a whole new meaning.  Mr. Ritchie surely must have been croning to all of us Mom's out there taking care of our kids.

Tonight I have big plans for sleeping "All Night Long".  One can only hope right?


  1. I love the song and I hope you get to sleep all night long.

  2. I remember those days well...and even with older kids now, there are STILL the inevitable interruptions. Plus a daughter who goes to bed later than I do!! Be grateful for sleep!