Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Hoarding I Will Go....

Mama’s Losin’ It

Got to get out of my Writer's Block( ahem... procrastination!)The kids have been home the whole effin summer, then had an earthquake the first day of school followed by Hurricane Irene and two days off school without power....aghhhhh.  Now I hope to get back into the swing of things:)

One of Mama Kat's brilliant prompts for this week is:  If you were going to be a hoarder, what kind of hoarder would you be?  What would you hoard or what do you think people would say you would hoard?

Well could be wine.  But I drink it all so really I'm not hoarding it.  Or chocolate but the same goes for that too.  Let me give you a hint:  you can have it with scones... or with the Queen of England, put your pinkie up, add cream and sugar, ______ and bisquits, ______ for two and two for ______.   If you guessed tea.... you are absolutely correct!  Sadly I can't pass by on ALL those neat flavors I find at the store.  The problem is most of them end up tasting horrible IMO but I keep them around forever (you never know when the Queen may stop by for a visit!)  and it drives my husband crazy. 

Some of the crazy flavors I have accumulated include:
Jasmine Pearls
Green & Ginseng Tea Blend
Cinnamon Stick
Plantation Mint
Earl Grey Green
Harney & Sons Holiday Tea
Pomegranate Rasberry Green Tea
Green Tea with citrus
100% Green Tea
Spice Chai Latte
Vanilla/Ginger Spice
Cranberry Ginseng
Happy Tummy
Rasberry Green tea
Chamomile Mint
& Spiced Ciders

So if you are really hankering for a good ol' cup o' tea.... you now know where to find one.  I may not be entertaining the Queen but I'll treat you like royalty... especially if you vote for me (see below).  THANK YOU!


  1. Not only do you have to be prepared in case the Queen stops by, you just never know when you will want a cup of raspberry pomegranate green tea followed by a cup of yummy tummy. A lady must be prepared at all times.

    This is another thing I've learned I already hoard after reading a few posts that responded to the hoarding prompt.

    Hmm... I've decided to call them all collections. Enjoy your tea collection!

  2. My best friend and you would get along! I find it endearing that any time I'm at her home she can offer me a cup of tea--any flavor I'd like. :) Visiting from Mama Kat's!

  3. I'll stop by for a cup of tea and we can play with my Cars cars. I hoard Cars cars :P Really. Every time I buy one for my kid, I hide two (or more) that I like in the cart. They are in a big box in my garage. Even my husband has no idea how many I have.

  4. Hahaha! That is funny. Glad you survived the earthquake and Irene...scary! I could never hoard chocolate either...I eat it all ;)

  5. I love tea also. I have so much up in my cupboard that I don't think I'll ever use all of it.

  6. I love it! I used to hoard tea boxes as well. I think I'm down to about 5 flavors. ;)